Blog Carnival: Carnival of the Blue 24

by Gunnar Engblom on May 7, 2009

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The blog carnival of the oceans

Finally, a blog carnival that brings some traffic to the participants. Carnival of the Blue is published once every month. I participated for the first time with my blog, being one of the many carnivals I submitted to recently. This issue is hosted by Monterey Bay Aquarium, which I suspect get quite a bit of traffic.
My posts have gotten many hits from this carnival. I have not even promoted it myself yet.

There are 25 quality postings in this issue. I am amazed to the quality and will come back and read more of them later.  Check this one for example: Sharks are mean, but doplhins are cute, right?. Particularly, read the long interesting discussion afterwards. Now jump over to read all the other stuff on Carnival of the blue 24.

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WhySharksMatter May 8, 2009 at 7:26 pm

I’m glad you liked my sharks and dolphins post!

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