Gunnar’s little blog Carnival.

by Gunnar Engblom on April 19, 2009

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Pingback, trackback and backlinks for naturebloggers

Luciana 2 years old - future nature blogger - studying the birds of Australia

Luciana 2 years old - future nature blogger - studying the birds of Australia

My blog the other day was about blogging and how important it is to be connected to other bloggers. I introduced Google Reader for your desktop and a mobile RSS reader such as FreeRange to your Blackberry or smartphone. I suggest you check this post if what I just said had no meaning to you.
Another great way to connect to other bloggers is simply writing about them. Instead of writing a comment in their comment box, you write on your own blog an answer or a comment and this is directed to the comment box of that blog. This is called trackback and pingback.  The difference between the two is subtle when it comes to the end result. Read more how it works on this WordPress link.

If you use wordpress, this is done automatically to other wordpress blogs (supposedly I should say, because there have been some problems reported lately related to WP 2.7. I will let you know how and if it works). To relate other blogs, you specify the blog address in the trackback box. For Blogger there is no trackback function, but you can activate linkback that simulates the service. For more advanced trackback, that you may also want to consider check Haloscan. A couple of years ago Haloscan was standard for trackback for Blogger blogs, but since there is little mention of Haloscan from recent years, my guess, without penetrating too much how this works on Blogger, is that the linkback service has improved and covers much what you need in this respect. Please comment, to let me know how it works. I did a small test in my post about Nature Blog Network blog the other day, and it seemed the pings worked fine with WordPress but only a link showed in those Blogger accounts that had activated linkback. I still have not found a blog that uses Haloscan, so I can’t give any opinion, but as far as I understand it should give a short quote.

Give a little Link-love to each other!

In a series of blogposts, I shall use this technique to comment other blogs and fish for readers to my own blog this way. I suggest you do the same. You probably heard of Blog Carnivals. Well, they work very much in this way. There is no reason why you can not, every once in a while host your own little carnival. While I am at it, I am adding every blog I write about to my Google Reader, and also put a link to my blog roll – and I hope you link back to me and add me to your readers as well.
I am not yet sure exactly what form this will take, but it is likely to be something like “news in my reader”. I am also considering setting up my own carnival for a young birders up to 22 years old that are blogging. More on that in another post. Let me know what you think about this idea?

Some new blogs in my blogroll.

I have read quite a few blogs the last weeks, some for the first time. I am surprise how many good blogs are out there that I had not heard of before. I know many of you would like to get more readers, so a mutual interchanging of mentioning other blogs and specific posts should work for everyone’s benefit.

I have choses to group my blog roll to different categories.

Social Media.

New aquintances of birding blogs

Hope you liked this little carnival. If all start facilitating the backlink option on Blogger and check out the Haloscan software, let me know how it works for you and if you start getting more readers and subscribers this way. Please send me suggestions of blogs of birders up to 22 years old.

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The Zen Birdfeeder April 19, 2009 at 6:23 pm

Scrolled down your post hoping to find The Zen Birdfeeder. But alas, not listed. Check just a little further down NBN Birds category and stop by sometime!

Dawn Fine April 19, 2009 at 8:03 pm

Now I sm wondering why my post links don’t work on my site…at least I don’t think so..maybe because I have a custom that case looks like I might need to add some Html to the template to make it work. I suppose it would be a good tool to use if I could get it working.
You certainly give allot of food for thought.

Thanks for the plug for my blog…I am blushing! that was so nice.

I clicked on most of the links to the other blogs you mentioned..I can remember two of them not working correctly one is Belltower and the other was Birds words and websites…I might want to check them all out to make sure they are working correctly.

I think it would be so very cool for you to do an under 22 blogroll or carnival.. I am always impressed when I see a young bird, nature blogger..
I have a few sites for you.
Some great blogs..I am sure that this carnival of young birders will be a big hit!
Again..nice carnival..interesting information…

Gunnar Engblom April 20, 2009 at 12:27 am

Zen-birdfeeder: I am not into birdfeeding at all, I am afraid. But, I did check out your web-site and congratulate you. It is very professional. I shall put your blog in my google reader in any case. I just found out how to insert the blog-links in my google reader into the side-bar. ….In a while I shall updare this. This will give a link to your site.
Dawn: I just checked the morel-hoot post on your blog and there is no backlink there. I don’t know the Blogger platform that well. It is not as SEO friendly from start as Wordpress. The backlinks is a simple setting in Blogger. It should not depend on your theme, I think. If you try Haloscan let me know if and how it works.
Thanks for pointing out the broken links. I have had a bit problems saving the blog. My ISP has not been very reliable today.

Finally, thanks also for the links. I`ll think I’ll collect some 10-15 young bird bloggers to start with, and take it from there.

Dale April 20, 2009 at 2:00 am

Hi Gunnar, thank you for the “plug”.
I like the idea of writing about other blogs and bloggers. I read lots of wonderful blogs anyway (just check out my blogroll ;-) and it makes for great blogging fodder to read a thought-provoking blog and then say a little something about it as well.

btw, I added your blog to my blogroll, so I will be popping by more regularly in the future.

Happy blogging

Laura April 20, 2009 at 5:58 am


Great idea, the blog carnival, I’ll try it sometime. I’m digging your timely and relevant content. I just found your blog, and plan to follow (even before I saw your plug to Bird, Words, and Websites!).

Let’s keep in touch.


mon@rch April 20, 2009 at 11:33 pm

Thanks for such kind words and the blog world is such an amazing place meeting new people like yourself!

Aggie S April 21, 2009 at 8:34 am

This is one that i will be following for sure. Thanks for your helpful advice, rekindles my blogging spirit!

*I donated to Cornell Ornithology!*

Chris West April 21, 2009 at 5:30 pm

Hey Gunnar,

Nice little Carnival here. I noticed you’re starting a carnival for bloggers under age 22.
If you like, you’re welcome to add me to this as well as to your blogroll.

My blog url is:

My latest post is about my trip to twitch a very lost Golden-crowned Sparrow.

Happy Birding! –Chris

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