July 2008

Pelagic birding in Lima

For once we had great sunshine on the pelagic in July. That is very unusual.

Chilean Skua

Chilean Skua. All together around 20 seen. This is certainly the highest number ever.

South Polar Skua

South Polar Skua. Two definite and maybe one more seen.

Band-tailed Gull

Band-tailed or Belcher’s Gull was common. Most birds this time of year had non-breeding plumage with dark hoods! This one did not. What a beautiful gull this is!

Salvin’s Albatross

Last week we saw for the first time ever on a Lima pelagic a Chatham Island Albatross. I believe this however is an adult Salvin’s. We id:ed it as such in the field due to the pale forehead. However, the bill does look a bit yellowish.

South American Tern

The above pictures are of two Sterna Terns. Are they South American Terns? Strange having this summer plumage this time of year. Certainly, they are not Arctic Terns with such massive bills. UPDATE: The experts mean they are South American Tern.
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