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You are either checking out this page because you want to know more about me and Kolibri Expeditions – or you subscribed to my newsletter and I directed you here. In both cases, thanks for checking in! I’ll take the opportunity to make an introduction of myself and my company Kolibri Expeditions.

Who is Gunnar?

Birder, biologist, runner, former punkrock sing/song-writer, daddy, husband and owner, manager and guide of Kolibri Expeditions based in Lima, Peru  – that is me in a nutshell. I have been living in Lima since 1998, but was spending several months every year in Peru since 1990, travelling, birding, guiding and surveying Polylepis forests in the High Andes. I am particularly interested in threatened birds and I have conducted surveys for a number of threatened species such as Peruvian Plantcutter, Titicaca Grebe, Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager and White-bellied Cinclodes. I  always believed that birding tourism can make a difference to local communiities and inspire to protect the habitat where threatened species are, if the same community recieves some tangible benefit.


Kolibri Expeditions bird tour page. The main outlet for birding tours in Peru and elsewhere in South America. There is something for all budgets.
Birding Peru – a portal with birding site info, database for observation, photo pages, etc. The site is connected with the Birding Peru yahoo email group. https://www.birdingperu.com
Birding Peru blog. This is the precursor to the present blog. The activity is now down, but I may use it in a near future again since it is a very good place to share photos and I can upload the photos directly from Picassa.
Limasafaris. A blog where we present some excursions we sometimes organize for a small symbolic cost or much discounted to the local birders and nature lovers in Lima.  In Spanish
Incaspiza blog. Once in a while environmental issues are posted here with pictures. All text is in Spanish.
Follow me on Twitter. Also known as micro-blogging.

The most important web-site is where you are at right now…

A birding blog by Gunnar Engblom. It is mostly about Birding in Peru, but there is also stuff from Gunnar’s travel, some general birding news – especially on endangered, re-discovered or new bird species and I am sharing  the revelation of Social Media for birders as I am learning more about the subject myself.

Kolibri Expeditions – Company overview:
Birdwatching tour operator based in Lima Peru, with conservation and social development through eco-tourism mission. Arrange birding and nature watching trips all over Peru and elsewhere in South America for all pockets, both group based fixed departures as well as customized trips. Prices are very competitive.
Arrange the BEST Birding Tours with good value for money with conservation of habitat and rural social development through eco-tourism.

Our mantras:
More Birds!
Why see less – why pay more?

Birdwatching tours to Peru
Birdwatching tours to South America and elsewhere
Archeology and Birding
Butterflies – contact us for more information and recommendations.
Orchids – contact us for more information and recommendations.
Mammal watching – primates and cats – expeditions. Contact us for more information
Machu Picchu
Northern Circuit
Satipo road and Carpish
Titicaca and Colca Canyon

And we can certainly also help with non-birding programs as well. That would be the easy part to arrange!

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