I twitter therefore I am

Twittero,  ergo sum

Had René Descartes been living today – I am sure he would have a philosophical view on Twitter. Maybe even doubting its existence or his own. How trivial can twitter really become?
I had a great laugh yesterday checking out this video.

The cartoon guy in the video says:
“Twittering is just randomly bragging about your unexceptional life.”

Although, I admit having tweeted about what I am eating or drinking at times, and made other trivial comments, I have to agree that too much of such stuff is a sure way to loose followers as explained in How to loose twitter followers in 1o steps. In spite of the time sink sometimes, one can find many useful ways to use Twitter. I have learnt much about Blogging and Social Media through Twitter. You can also get instant advice from your Twitter friends when needed.

Use Twitter wisely. How to avoid the Twitter Time-sink.

Here are some useful links.

Additionally, a few days ago web-designer depot wrote the ultimate Twitter guide.  in fact it is so popular that right now as I am writing this it can not be accessed. Must have blown the server! Bookmark this article and come back in a few days and I am sure it works again.

Twitter for birders

I am sure most of my birding friends have seen my two manuals on Twitter for birders. If not here they are again:

There is yet another Twitter-like application in Beta version called Chirp-tracker. It is more directed to birders. The big advatage for a birder is that there is less noice.  Only birders are participating and chirping about birds. It will most likely become a huge success among birders. I hope it will become more like a proper Twitter-client in the future, so I can use it instead of Tweetdeck also for my non-birding tweeting. To try out the beta version. Get on Twitter and follow @chirptracker and ask to try out the beta version.

Let me know your favorite articles about Twitter and tips about applications.

Cartoon from Geek and Poke under creative commons license
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