Reading Guy Kawasaki on for free

Who the hell is Guy Kawasaki? Does he sell motorcycles?

I am totally new to everything regarding social media, but I am a quick learner. My readers should know by now that I almost come along as an expert after my blog posts about Facebook and Twitter for birders. But the reality is that this is as new to me as it is to many of you. I see many potentials in my field “birdwatching” and as I am learning as I go along. Social Media has become a theme in my blogging. I think I am starting to find my niche in the blogosphere. Birding and Social Media.

One month ago, I had never heard of Guy Kawasaki. But the buzz on Twitter, made me understand this is a guy (sic!) everyone follows. I follow him on Twitter @guykawasaki and so does 94, 544 other people. It is fascinating, because he sends quality links to good reading. I am going to leave you in ignorance about his background and just tell you two things he has achieved that I am checking out right now.

First of all his virtual magazine and blog rack on is an amazing resource. John Haydon wrote this blog how Alltop pretty much can replace google reader as RSS feeder to stay on top what others write. Sorry Google Reader, I have been sleeping with Alltop

Guy Kawasaki also wrote this book that I am reading online – but have no intention to buy. Reality Check. Check the link to the right to look inside. If you are interested in how to read books on line without paying for them, check out my two blog posts on the subject.

So do you think Guy Kawasaki minds that I am not paying for his book? Probably not, if you are to believe this interview he did with Chris Anderson of  Wired Magazine. This is when I understood that the book I am working on “1000 birds to see before you die” should be free of charge.

I am learning a few things from his unorthodox ways.  Today, I learnt that I need to secure clients in beforehand for the Amarakaeri lodges in the Manu area, in order to attract an investor to make a joint venture with.  I have an idea! Will let you know in due time.

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