Twitter Updates for 2009-03-11

  • Set up a blog account on mainly to make summeries of my regular blog. #
  • Questiion: Does the hashtag word count in the 140 character limit when twittering?I have some contradictory info. #
  • We are doing updates of our web-page…..Temporarily is not working . Blog works OK though. #
  • RT @HolyGod: Summit w Satan passed off w/o major drama – he didn’t pull any tricks, neither did he repent of his ways. I’m not surprised. #
  • RT @greenbiztweets: RT @thewordisberry: 10 Easy Ways to Be Labeled a “Terrorist” by the Government – Pls to RT! #
  • reading Dawn’s blog. She is living in a motor home and travel around the US watching nature. Great blog #
  • RT @eco2oh: PR 2.0: Social Networks Now More Popular than Email; Facebook Surpasses MySpace #
  • Updated my Twitter profile. I am dedicated to send folowers more useful links and retweets without drowning you. Pls howler if I overdo it. #
  • Ah, yes…our web-site is back online & has now been tweeked with more acurate folder names for the tours . SEO U know! #
  • Preparing more hastags for Twitter for birders -part 2 article. pls resend part 1 to birders U know. This’ll be major! #
  • DC to coal: You are a big danger to public health. Coal to DC: Kiss my ash. #
  • more hashtags #ILbrd for Illinois Bird news #ILrba 4 Illinois rare bird alert #CALbrd California bird news #CALrbaCalifornia rare bird alert #
  • #TEXbrd – Texas birding news#TEXrba – Texas rare bird alert
    #Masbrd – Massachussets bird news
    #Masrba – Massachussets rare bird alert #
  • #TEXrba #FLbrd – Florida bird news #FLrba Florida rare bird alert #ABArba – ABA birding area rare bird alert #C300x Sweden bird rare alert #
  • #UKrba took 2 seconds to create RSS feed #
  • Thanks for your patience. There are now hashtags for CA, FL, IL, FL, MT, TX, KS and the UK and Sweden. Twitter for birders part 2 soon! #
  • The listservers or the birdclubs will make sure users get to know which the unique hashtags are. #
  • The Turkey Vultures are back in Topeka!The Long-Tailed Duck was still present at sunset at the Wilson City sewer lagoons on 3/8/09. #KSrba #
  • The 2009 KOS Spring Field Trip will be in southeast Kansas headquartered out ofPittsburg. Details #KSbrd #
  • The male Barrow’s Goldeneye flew out of the harbor at Montrose at 10:55am Mar 8, but it may still be in the area. Geoff Williamson #ILrba #
  • I looked for but did not see the male Barrow’s Goldeneye at Montrose ths morning.March 9. Robert D. Hughes #ILrba #
  • Chicago Bird Collision Monitors Training Sessions Wednesday, March 18th, or Monday, April 13th. tel: 773 988 1867 #ILbrd #
  • Blue Bunting bathing at Eagle Pond in the rock water feature pool (the one with the green hose) 10:50-10:53 3/10/09. Connie Madia #TEXrba #
  • Great Texas Birding Classic Apr 26 – May 3, 2009 #TEXbrd #
  • Question: Does everyone wanting to send tweet with hashtag have to follow in order for hashs to index? #
  • Glaucous Gull photographed by Ron Storey at Lucchesi Park in Petaluma. Alan Wight reported it on March 5. #CALrba #
  • #UKrba Snowy Owl, Zennor, Cornwall on March 9,. Just testing system of Twitter, Hashtags and RSS for birders #
  • #C300x Nilgås 1ex stationär Bergs mader, Holm, Dls 11.3 17.14 Ulf Lindell Ett exempel hur det kan fungera, làgg en google map som vägbeskr #
  • RT @problogger: Reading: The top 7 mistakes new Twitter users make – #

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