Bird Blogger’s Tweet Club #007

Twitter club for birders.

Twitter club for birders.

Tweet Club 7

We are back and this time the wait was not that long. only 11 days, which is not too bad. I will present a very consise Tweet Club this time….and then hopefully fill it with some more details during the week. This way it shall not be delayed and posted in time.

Results of last issue

  • @soaringfalcon1 180 clicks
  • @journowl 159 clicks
  • @PatBumstead 132 clicks
  • @LadyWoodpecker 126 clicks
  • @HooootOwl 118 clicks
  • @irenapuella 98 clicks
  • @Kolibrix 88 clicks

Larry Jordan did it again. Once again number one! Want more clicks to your post? Study Larry Jordan. He is one of the most diligent blog readers and blog commenter I know …. and a frequent re-tweeter.

Participants this week.

That is it! Please submit for next week in the comment section,.

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