Birdbloggers Tweetclub #001-results and now announcing #002

I repeat. Will the real bird blogger please stand up.

First! Have a look at the first two notes about the Birdbloggers tweetclub, so you know what this is all about.

The first post presented the idea and how it works. Read this one first.

The second post also provided the results from my retweeting campaign of I and the bird #104 and discussed the rules for the tweetclub. Also a very important post to read.

Both posts should be your first reference to learn more about the tweet club.

Results Birdbloggers tweetcub #001.

A very interesting experience this. Of the 14 participants in this weeks tweetclub 6 had more than 100 visitors, 1 had 99 visitors and 4 had over 80. The best result had Jeff Gordon with 123 hits to his post about flipping Horseshoe Crabs over to ensure more food for the Red Knots.
Not too bad considering this was the first trial tweet club.

A few things to clarify.

  1. All participants should commit to tweet at least 10 posts once over the week.
  2. Since it spans over several days it should not be difficult for most users to tweet each blogposts on more than one occasion.
  3. I have re-tweeted each post three times at different times on different days. Did this disturb any of you? I think 3 times should be the upper limit, but let me know your thoughts on this.
  4. By using Tweetlater you can schedule the tweets at what ever time you like. It makes it easy to post all the posts on several occasions.
  5. You may chose to just retweet the stuff I or someone else send out. That is fine. The effect is the same.
  6. Please, use the link I provide when retweeting. Otherwise it is difficult to get the right statistics.
  7. You can check how many clicks any participating  blogpost gets by adding a + sign just after the URL.

You will not be allowed to only be a passive user of the tweetclub. I have some tolerance this first week, but don’t count on it later. If you submit a post to the tweet club, you must reciprocate and tweet other people’s stuff to. Fair enough?

Submit to Birdbloggers tweet club #002

So if you want 100 visitors to your blog post next week, please submit it in the comment section below. State your Twitter ID, the title and the link.
I need your entry by  Sunday July 19 Monday July 20 night.  The tweet-club #002 will be published on Monday Wednesday night.  This way we shall also be able to use both the hashtags #birdsaturday and #ecomonday on each day.  Furthermore it may be an idea to also include the hashtag #birding once in a while.

Again I remind you.  Try to be catchy and smart, and use great photos that catch the eye.

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