Blog Carnivals I and the bird #99 and Festival of the Trees

I and the Bird #99

Somehow my entry of I and the bird did not make, but I included it in the comments section. Jump over to Dan’s Migration website for loads of bird related reading.

Festival of the Tree.  Flowering and Blossoming Trees Edition.

I almost missed this carnival as well, as there was a glitch of the deadline date on Nature Blog Network. Fortunately, Peg of Orchards Forever included me anyway. Today the festival covers flowering and blossoming trees – how fittingly in spring. Lots of good reading here as well.

I have submitted to quite a number of Blog Carnivals this week. I shall make a special report in about 7 days time to show all how this technique brings in new readers to blog. Well, at least I hope so.

In anycase it does bring in important and relevant back-links.

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