Escape Christmas

And go birding in Peru

Well, that was what I thought I ought to  say. But fact is that Peru, and especially Lima, is probably just as crazy shopping  sales frenzy as anywhere else in the western world these days. Birding is another matter though. If you had it with jingle bells in supermarkets by mid November, thinking you will not survive until the 25th the next month, going birding in December may actually be good for you.
Yes.Yes. Yes.
Getting together with the family is nice, and if you have kids, you know where home is. You should treasure the seasonal times and be with you love ones.

But if you are not a family guy and just feel that pressure is building up for you to be somewhere where you don’t feel at ease, a birding holiday in Peru may be what you need. Maybe, you are not even a Christian?  Or maybe you are sort of……but think the comercialism simply is getting out of hand?  This is not what it was supposed to be about.

Special seasonal discount

Here are the good news. Since the people at Kolibri Expeditions have a very empty calendar in December we are offering all our tours at 20% discount at the regular price between today and Jan 12.

No good you may think? Prices for flights are just outrageous in December! Everyone knows that. But hey, there is a loophole.  Make sure one of the flights is on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Hardly anyone flies on these days, why it is easier to get good prices. You save several hundreds of dollars this way.

The smart thing with this is that our staff, who ARE celebrating Christmas with their families, can still do so, because the clients (you) will be either coming or going on Christmas day.

Look at these prices!

So I have had made some intial research for you to find a cheap flight to Lima.  OK, they are not dead cheap, like the ones you used to find a couple of years ago.  But they are not bad considering it is December. This is what I found on

London-Lima  Dec 3-25 $902
New York-Lima Dec 3-24 $716
Miami-Lima Dec 3-25 $813
Los Angeles-Lima Dec 4-23  $893

Another idea is to travel in January, prices are generally lower than before Christmas.

Check our calendar for suggestions of tours.  Or suggest something for us.

I’m dreaming of a White- …….bellied Cinclodes.

White-bellied Cinclodes above Lima at Ticlio Bog is only one of the many birds which await you. I have put together a proposed itinerary of trips in December for you to follow. This is just a suggestion. You may have other priorities.

Dec 4-11 Satipo road and Carpish. A central Peru tour that gives endemics and new species to science. It is possible to meet up with the group a a day or two later if your flights don’t coincide.

Dec 12 Pelagic from Callao, Lima

Dec 13-20 Budget North Peru. It is possible (and recommended) to add nights at Abra Patricia Lodge on this tour to avoid camping.

Dec 21-24 Either day trips around Lima or an overland to Cajamarca from Tarapoto.

I wish you a Marvelous Spatuletail X-mas!

Marvelous Spatuletail for Christmas. Photo: Alejanjdro TelloMarvelous Spatuletail for Christmas.  Photo: Alejandro Tello

Top photo: White-bellied Cinclodes by Dominic Sherony.
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