Gunnar’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-14

  • If you followed my blog via RSS, the feed has changed to Pls update your reader! #
  • Holt moe! I’m running again. Surpringly no major stiffness from the 30K of Monday night. #
  • Just completed 17K and felt great. Eating Pizza. E is leaving me the boarders cause I need carbs, she says. #
  • RT @burdr: Video spoof, “Extreme Birdwatching” via Manic Attack #birds Could someone tell me WTF a hoatzin does in NJ? #
  • RT @diettogo: Eminem loses two stone thanks to booze-free diet #
  • Former KKK boss who twice ran for US president sets up home in Austria running a birdwatching business. #

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