Gunnar’s weekly Twitter links about birding, birds and Social Media 2009-12-14

Gunnar’s Weekly Twitter-links

Here is the second edition of my Twitter-links. Why I do this, you can read in the introduction of last weeks edition.

Peru birding and news from Kolibri Expedions.

The hottest news this week was our sensational give away of 14 birding trips in Peru.

  • Do you want an 8 day birdingtrip in Peru for FREE? Here are the first steps what to do to become eligible!!! #
  • Where Will You Be in One Year? Join Corey Finger of 10000 birds on a trip to Peru #
  • Some pics from Northern Peru from Chris Charlesworth. #
  • Resending this newsletter with lots of useful “social media for birders” links Why? I needed the short link!

Blog Carnivals

I participated in a few Blog Carnivals last week. There is always good reading to be found in these. The post on I and the Bird lead to an interesting discussion.

  • Science for Dummies. Check out this blog carnival about research explained in simple words.
  • New Nature Carnival: House of Herps!
  • Carnival of the blue – new edition of the best blogs about the sea and the oceans and their creatures.
  • I and the Bird #114 This post was posted in last weeks summery, but the discussion that followed has been active for several days this week.

Conservation and Climate Change

With the UN Copenhagen Climate Change summit on the headlines, this has dominated last weeks conservation news.

Birding in the US

Birding around the world

Twitching and Megas

  • Best “Gripping Off” Ever On the recent Ivory Bill Gull at Cape May, New Jersey.

Non-birding links.

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