Gunnar’s weekly Twitter links about birding, birds and Social Media 2009-12-21

Here is the third edited edition of my Twitter-links. Why I do this, you can read in the introduction of the first Twitter-summary I posted two weeks ago.

Step right in! I am sure you will find something interesting.

Peru birding and news from Kolibri Expedions.

The sensational give-away of 14 birding trips in Peru was still dominating my activity on Twitter last week.  You can still join. All you have to is to let as many birders as possible learn about it.

New Species, Twitching and Megas

Conservation and Climate Change

Birding in the US

Birding rest of the world

Social Media

  • Added some great social bookmarking icons at the end of my blog posts. Check out the Free birding trip in Peru contest

Non-birding links.

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