Gunnar’s weekly Twitter links about birding, birds and Social Media 2010-06-07

  • Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of May 2010) #
  • RT @Dendroica Birds Spread Heavy Metals to Arctic Ponds: A recent study found that coastal seafood-eating birds ca… #
  • RT @DawnFine Visting Mom and Dad: Howdee all, We arrived in CT and are now parked in the driveway of the home I g… #
  • Marsh Diaries Part Four: Ahh, springtime in Alberta. Rain, snow, wind and temperatures  just above the freezing po… #
  • ReservoirCatz: Blakeney finch inspires world's greatest endurance race: The ..
    – discretion adviced #
  • Great Bustard Group – Southampton #
  • The Hawk and the Good Samaritan: When you live in a small town, being widely known as an avid bird watcher sooner … #
  • Little Birds, Little Camargue: At least the mosquitoes won’t be too bad.
    That was the most positive of my thoughts… #
  • Birds in Rockland County and Orange County #
  • Great shot Rachel!! RT @rachelbirder: 5-31-10, fluffed out male Yellow Warbler, Minor Clark fish Hatchery #
  • RT @Boraz @cassierodenberg @tvjrennie: Eye-opening Audubon article on the fakery rife in wildlife photojournalism. #
  • Fake fotos! Who’d have guessed… #
  • Empowering young leaders: Eleven young Moro and indigenous peoples leaders are flying to the United States to part… #
  • A First for Seychelles – Cousin celebrates IBA branding: Cousin Island Special Reserve has become the first IBA – … #
  • RT @Dendroica Red Knot Population Holding Steady But Not Growing Yet: In the last two decades, the Red Knot popula… #
  • Darwin’s Finches #
  • Love the double life of this guy. Lawyer defending the rights of immigrants by day &Punjabi Hip Hop star at night. #
  • ReservoirCatz: Egg collectors urge Shetland birders to reveal all: Britain's..
    – discretion adviced #
  • France 2010: Day Three: This infamous mistral continues to blow, making wildflowers dance a colorful tarantella on… #
  • Wading Bird Nesting Population in South Florida Up Significantly #
  • Please help to strengthen bird tourism in Iberia: In 2008, the BirdLife Partners in Spain (SEO/BirdLife) and Portu… #
  • Timber logging concession in Mutulanganga IBA: Two companies has been awarded a timber logging concession in Mutul… #
  • RT @Dendroica Why You Should Record All Species and Bird Outside Hotspots: Accurate species distribution data is n… #
  • Wednesday Wings: Coot Conflict: #
  • New Birding App Supports Hatian Relief Efforts: Now, to the ever-expanding range of opportunities through which a … #
  • Birds Fly into the Red: The worst fears of shorebird experts in Australia were realised recently when it became cl… #
  • The Predictive Power of Gambling #
  • RT @Dendroica Birds of Haiti iPhone App to Benefit Disaster Relief: There is a new iPhone app for the Birds of Hai… #
  • Provence 2010: Day Four: The “back road” to Les Stes-Maries, by way of Pioch Badet, is just about the most excitin… #
  • Bird Group Warns that Oiled Birds Found Onshore May Be a Fraction of the Total Toll on Birds From Gulf Spill #
  • ReservoirCatz: Twitchers quit as it all becomes 'ludicrously easy': As yet a..
    – discretion adviced #
  • Ooopps. Noted that I have been sharing every single Tweet to my linkedIn account. Sorry about that! Will be much more sparse now #ln #
  • Sad to learn from frog researchers that projects in Peru mentioned here to save the Giant Titicaca Frog are not active. #
  • Nature News #10: Bird News
    A record  number of raptors – more than 11,000 of 15 different species –  were recorded… #
  • RT @Dendroica Loose Feathers #241: Brown Pelican being released at Egmont Key NWR after being rescued and cleaned … #
  • ID Challenge — The Answer #
  • Provence 2010: A Better View: I owe you a better photo of the Red Sea sarcophagus in St-Trophime.

    Produced in the… #

  • Provence 2010: Day Six: Day Six–already!

    There was a strange sound in Provence today: silence. The crazy wind tha… #

  • Wonder if I should get a TV? Had no idea who Rafael Nadal was until today. Apparently he's playing Tennis in Paris on Björn Borgs birthday. #
  • Just returning from a North Peru trip, searching for parrots with Thomas Arndt (a german expert). Well we find some… #
  • RT @Dendroica Pelicans in BP's Oil Spill: A cap is on what remains of the riser pipe and appears to be containing … #
  • RT @DawnFine Big Bloomers Flower Farm, water plants: Howdee all, When visiting my Sicksta in North Carolina I alw… #
  • RT @DawnFine How You Can Volunteer to Clean Up the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill – Tonic: How You Can Volunteer to Clea… #
  • RT @DawnFine Buy a print to help the Oil Spill: Matt Bango of Matt Bando Photography has come up with the Awesome … #
  • ReservoirCatz: Undead stilts haunt Titchwell: Police in Norfolk were warning..
    – discretion adviced #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06 #
  • RT @Dendroica Green Frog at Scherman Hoffman: This is one of several Green Frogs that were calling in the small po… #
  • Provence 2010: Day Seven: Twice a week Arles is transformed: it’s market day.

    Olives, fish and whelks, fruit, veg… #

  • BOLO for BP Oil Damage #
  • Trogons Winning Awards #
  • ReservoirCatz: Over-twitched, over-ship-assisted, and over here: The discove..
    – discretion adviced #
  • The Bavarian Alps: Day three #
  • Provence 2010: Our Last Day of Birding: Already?
    To our delight, my beloved Jardin de Manon was open for dinner la… #
  • Best Bird of the Weekend (First of June 2010) #
  • It doesn’t take brains to pick a world cup winner: The Cape Vulture – one of Africa’s largest birds of prey – is b… #
  • Oil Spill Answers from Bird Conservation Expert on the Ground: A week after oil began pouring into the Gulf of Mex… #
  • Our National bird: It’s Philippine Eagle Week and it is an opportune time to know about our national bird which, i… #

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