I and the bird #102 and #103. Guess who is next?


I and the bird #102

Published while I was in Northern Peru birding and consequently I missed doing a proper announcement. Hosted by Amber Coakley at the Birder’s Lounge, Amber brings geo-location to the participants of this fortnight’s I and the bird. We get a feeling where the participants are. And to know better we click on the google maps to zoom out…

Smart move Amber. It doesn’t zoom out at all, but take you straight to the site. So soon you find yourself reading several articles.
I like the layout and the short summeries.
And yes, yours truly is also participating – on the run – so to speak!

I and the bird #103

HELP! Once a Brit tried to explain to me how cricket works and the charms of the game. Yawn! I did not get it. Too slow to be fun.
Birdfreak has put the I and the bird #103 carnival in an “exciting” baseball frame.  When the American tried to explain to me how baseball works, I did not get that either.  How can there be innings on a baseball outing?

Last Christmas my nephews got baseball gear as presents by their parents. And on Christmas day we were to play. I tried to convince everyone, that the only real game  worth playing with a bat and a ball is the all Swedish classical game “brännboll”. After only 2 minutes, I realized that it was as futile for me to try to explain the “real simple rules”, as it had been for the English and American friends to explain their ballgame to me. Cada loco con su tema!

So Birdfreak, you are forgiven. And to make my post as the extra inning and passing the ball over to me…was like an act of a cricket gentleman.

Guess who is hosting next time?

Yes, I am hosting “I and the bird #104”. Creativity Angst!  I can’t do this. All these “I and the bird” I have participated in, have had great themes. HELP!!!

I shall go through some previous editions to see how it is done. Or maybe I will just do a Friday’s Ark type carnival and just list the participants and get it over with. After all, in my experience there are very few click-throughs to the individual blogs anyway.

My goal for the upcoming I and the bird #104 is that every partipant shall boosting hits to their posts. Have to think of something smart. If I may suggest a theme for the I and the bird by the bloggers that are posting, I would really appreciate you to choose a post of yours that invites non-birders to become birders – for an hour, for a day, for a holiday or for a lifetime. My job is to recruit new visitors to your blogs.

Until then, that is July 9 publishing date, you may study the rules of the Swedish bat/ball game brännboll here.

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