I and the Bird #92


I and the Bird #92

Just a short post to let everyone know that the new blog carnival about birds and birders is being hosted by talented writer, painter and photographer Seabrooke Leckie blog “The Marvelous in Nature”. She made a very smart thread connecting the featured blogs into a long poem called “The picknick party”.

Twas the middle of winter deep,
When all sane critters are fast asleep,
This Canuck sent invitations
For a snowy celebration.

“Join me for lunch!” the invite said.
“The drinks are free!” it further read.
And so they came, in ones and twos
– free drinks, of course, they can’t refuse

Very clever! Rush over to Seabrooke’s page to read who came to the picknick. You shall have many good hours of reading.

I decided to submit my post on “Owl in Peru” – considering how many people who have already read this piece, it will not be anyh news to my old readers, but maybe some new readers may find their way here.

If you don’t have time to follow and read all the birding blogs, the “I and the Bird” bi-weekly carnival keeps you well informed. It shouldn’t be missed, because it keeps you up-to-date. It is also a great way for bird bloggers to get more readers.

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