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News on Kolibri Expeditions Facebook page

It all happens on Kolibri Expeditions Facebook page. We have created a considerable community there with close to 3000 likes. Come and visit us. And if you haven’t already – like us.  There are several new features that we are rolling out to make this a site you come back to.  Some of these I am listing below.

Saturday Rave

We just started this and it is not only for Saturdays.  It can go on all week. We shall present one of our co-workers for you to rave about. First out is the incredible bird finder guide Alex Durand. Please comment on Alex’s birding skill here.  You may also post your pictures from your birding with Alex. Next week, we’ll rave about another co-worker.

New Facebook timeline cover photo

Facebook  timeline  has been accessible for the profile for some time, will from March 30  also apply to Facebook Pages.  We need to get a timeline cover photo or illustration before then. I thought, maybe you would like to help. Are you artistic? Can you do something graphic? Or have you got a fantastic photo that would knock our socks off?

The only rules are that the photo needs to be exactly 850×315 px size. But allow the space for the square in the lower left where the Kolibri Expeditions logo will go.

I will award the best contributions a free Lima day trip anytime in the future. We can’t advertise on the picture with web-page written out – but you could if you like use our slogan: More Birds!

To get an idea how it looks like, here is how my Facebook profile looks like. Click the photo for full size.

Please post your contribution on the Kolibri Expeditions Facebook wall until March 29.

Here are some additional ideas how the timeline cover photo can look like for inspiration. Thanks to Max Waugh of MaxWaugh.com to provide the great cover photo taken on our last Marvelous Spatuletail Display Tour.

Bird photo of the week.

A couple of weeks ago when I was guiding Carl Billingham from Australia, I knew I was not going to be able keep up with posting on Facebook. I thought it would be a good idea to keep the ball rolling by getting some activity from the fans themselves while I was gone. Therefor, I created a small game on the Facebook page called Bird photo of the week.

The rules are simply. I post a topic and you post your best photo within that topic to the Facebook page.  The photo that gets most likes will be featured in a blog post right here with full credits and links (and eternal fame).

The topic of the first week was Hummingbirds. The picture that got most likes can be seen at the top. This is a Horned Sungem from Brazil by Knut Hansen. The full size picture can be seen here.  Also check Knut’s bird galleries on Flickr.
The runner up was Max Waugh’s Marvelous Spatuletail that is featured on my Facebook profile.

Bird photo of the week – Tanagers

The second bird photo of the week has been somewhat drawn out.  I really wanted to post about it on my blog, but didn’t get the time to do so until now, so let’s continue the game for yet a few days.  You may upload and vote for Tanager photos until Monday 26th of March.

Here are the contestants thus far:

Let the fun begin. Start voting and upload more Tanager pictures. For next week I’ll think of a new theme.

Some notes on Facebook Page as social media strategy.

Facebook page is only valuable to the owner if there is activity on the page. There more activity, the more the page will show in the live stream of the fans. In short, there is no point of having 3000 likes on a Facebook page if there is no content provided. My goal is to get the activity level at around 300 people per week. If you really like us, please help by liking, sharing and commenting on our posts.
If you run a Facebook page yourself, please feel free to use these techniques to promote your page. And if you come up with something that works very well for you, then I would be very interested to hear about it.

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