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In my last blog post I resented somewhat that someone had classified my blog on Nature Blog Network as only blogging about Social Media and not enough about birds in Peru.  Today, I get a chance to explain what my blog is all about. As mentioned in my blogpost about blogging for birders, I mentioned that Darren Rowse from Problogger started a 31 day course to better blogging yesterday.

First asignment was to write an elevator pitch for the blog.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

“An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (for example, thirty seconds or 100-150 words).”Wikipedia

Thus, I had to come up with something short that explained what my blog is all about and why all this stuff about social media in a blog that supposedly is about birds could actually make some sense.

When I started blogging on this site, I did not know that social media was going to be part of my blog theme, since I knew very little about it. However, it soon became clear to me that I needed to learn about social media to reach out with my blog and that birders in general had scant knowledge about the possibilities.  A niche was born for me.

So here is my elaborated Elevator pitch for my blog. After 4 months of blogging I can finally tell you what my blog is all about.

More Birds for More Birders through the use of Social Media and Technology

More Birds – is the first business mantra of my bird tour company Kolibri Expeditions. (The other mantra is: Why see less? Why pay more? )
My blog is both to let the readers learn about More Birds as well as improving the birding experience and birding skills through technology and social media such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, online-databases, forums and online picture sharing. Through social media and technology more birders can be reached, but it is also hoped that it will create more birders.

 It covers aspects of:

  • Networking for birders
  • Digital photography
  • Conservation of threatened birds
  • How to become a birdwatcher and natureblogger
  • Birding with Kids
  • Listing
  • Rare birds and conservation
  • Birding tours

Keywords: More bird & More birders

Let me expand a little on these keywords.

  • More birds: What it comes down to, is that all of us birders want to see more birds, be that in species or large congregations or extended time in the field. The social media and the technology allows us to be connected with nature in an unprecedented way that was not possible only a few years ago. The possiblities are limitless ranging from finding birding trip partners, getting way descriptions to rare birds, share birdphotos or recordings, promote a birding locality or birding event, etc, etc.
  • More birders: Birders are well aware that numbers count. More birders, mean more people caring for habitat conservation. More birders mean that globally threatened species in remote areas get a higher value as birders want to see them, leading both to revenues for conservation as well as economic incentives to local communities who will be caretakers of a valuable patrimony rather than a threat to the same. By using social media and technology that the younger generation already master the numbers of young and older birdwatchers shall increase.

So it all ties together very well in the end. It is my master plan for my blog, which I hope at the end of the day will make some difference. Anyway, without making myself come off like as a self-inflated prick (I just did, didn’t I?), I feel I have a mission with this blog and something to tell which should interest you.  And that was the purpose of today’s asignement.  Now, if you enter NatureblogNetwork and make some nice comments about this approach, you will really make my day. (I’ll explode!)

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