New bird for Peru

Unicolored Blackbird Agelaius cyanopus – First for Peru

Unicolored Blackbird, female Tres Chimbadas, Tambopata. New for Peru. Photo Alex Duran

Unicolored Blackbird Tres Chimbadas, Tambopata. First for Peru. Photo Alex Duran

Clients of Kolibri Expeditions, John Arnett and Jason Mann, found a new species for Peru last week at Laguna Tres Chimbadas in the Tambopata area close. Two individuals were seen the one that was not photographed was possibly an immature, as it was a bit darker. As one enters Tres Chimbadas with canoe the birds were seen almost immediately in a low wet grassy pastizal.

Alex Durand took two photographs with a handheld point and shoot camera through the Telescope – in the woobly canoe!

Fabrice Schmitt told me three weeks that he had found what he thinks was a fem/imm Unicolored Blackbird in Cocha Blanco in the Manu area. Some poor pictures were taken, but according to reviewers of Fabrice’s pictures they are not conclusive. It is the nominate ssp of Unicolored Blackbird Agelaius cyanopus normally occuring in Bolivia that was found here.

Unicolored Blackbird Agelaius cyanopus, female dorsal view Tres Chimbadas, Tambopata. New for Peru. Photo Alex Duran

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