RainForest Partnership support Satipo Rd.

Rainforest Partnerships starts backing Satipo road.

Saffron-Crowned Tanager Tangara xanthocepahala. Satipo road.  Photo Tom Pavlik

I am very pleased to see that Rainforest Partnership starts supporting Satipo road and the community of Pampa Hermosa of which Apaya where we usually stay is a part.  The idea is to in a first step improve infrastructure so that birders and other nature lovers can start visiting the area more comfortably. Running to Marathons for this cause was worth it.  Here is Maurine Winkley’s mail to Brian Allen, who was on our last Satipo Road/Carpish trip and just donated $250 to the project.

From: Maurine Winkley
To: Brian A
Cc: Patricio Prieto 
Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 4:33 PM
Subject: Re: Rainforest Partnership Satipo Rd.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for contacting us and what appropriate timing!  We actually have someone heading to the area on Thursday to kick start the ecotourism project there.  He will be in the communities for 1.5 months and is will set-up the project plan for the area with the help of our program coordinator, other contacts in the region (including Gunnar Engblom) and most importantly the community members.

We are setting up the smaller portion of the project now which includes making basic infrastructure improvements to the area in order to host more ecotourists in the area.  We want to help the communtiy generate an income so that they can preserve their incredibly biodiverse cloudforest (as you are well aware) instead of choosing to detroy the forests to raise cattle.  The larger part of the project will focus on getting the community title to their land or protecting it through a conservation or ecotourism concession.

The first phase of the project will require between $2500-5000 to complete.  Gunnar has already raised $600 by running the Lima Marathon and setting financial goals based upon the time it took him to complete the marathon (a fun way to raise funds).  One way to help would be to participate in the Global Giving Challenge we have going on at the beginning of July.  We will promote it through our Facebook page (become a FAN!) and also our website.  The challenge is to raise $4000 in July for this specific project.  If we can raise enough funds and/or get enough people to join the challenge, the amount will be matched.  We will need support from everyone involved in Rainforest Partnership.  If you don’t object, I will put you on our mailing list (we only send out newsletters quaterly) so you can keep in touch with us and the projects.

We also rely on our wide network of supporters who provide both knowledge and financial support  to help us grow.  There are many ways to get involved so let me know a little about you and we can figure something out.

Good to hear from you!

Maurine Winkley
Director of Operations
Rainforest Partnership


P.O. Box 49268, Austin, TX 78765 (mailing)
505 Willow, Austin, TX, 78701 (physical)
Office: (512) 420-0101
Cell: 831-325-6190
Skype: mwinkley81

Have you not yet made a donation to rainforest partnership here is a donation page set up for my Marathon fundraiser.

More information, videos and links can be found on the Marathon for Conservation 2010 blog post.

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