Tumbes dry forest….is very lush and good birding

Summer green “dry” Forest

I am in Tumbes together with Brian and Maripat Allen from Michigan who are doing a special trip that includes both birding and non birding elements. They are beating the odds of birding in dry forests in Tumbes in the middle of the rainy season. Nothing dry about the forest reserve near Tumbes now. This area is the border area to Cerro Amotape National Park. Right now we are in the middle of the summer and it is beautifully green and the access road is horrible conditions. Nevertheless we got several good birds, such as Elegant Crescentchest, Blackish-headed Spinetail and Ecuadorian Trogon. Best bird for myself was Gray-capped Cuckoo which was a lifer. This Cuckoo is a seasonal migrant and virtually impossible to get any other time of year except for now. It was long awaited, I can tell you.

I am still waiting for my camera to be repaired so please have patience that I am only showing some landscape pictures here.

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