Waved Albatros

There will be no pelagic this weekend. There is a high wave warning. Click here if you don’t believe me.

We shall try to see Waved Albatross from the port of Pucusana instead while doing some land-based seabirding for a change.

Alejandro Tello reports of both Marbled and Hudsonian Godwit from Laguna Paraiso lagoon yesterday. This is very late. I guess they liked it so well in Peru that they decided to stay. Also an Inca Tern fishing over the fresh-water lagoon. Weird.

Also a report form Charles Hesse. He mentions that the first recording ever of a Rufous-breasted Warbling-Finch was made with a digital pocket recorder costing only 499 soles (150 US$) at Radio Shack in Lima. A gadget a lot of Peruvian ornithologists should be interested in. Olympus WS100 (Grabadora de voz digital) is the model.

Gunnar Engblom
Birding Peru with Kolibri Expeditions
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Rufours-breasted Warbling-Finch Poospiza alticola
Courtesy: Colin Bushell, Toucan Tours, www.toucantours.co.uk

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