What do 10000 birds, Sting, Ashton Kutcher, Bono and Brad Pitt have in common?

New conservation club for critically endangered birds

10000 Birds Conservation Club

Once in a while, the world famous, use their fame for a worthy cause. Sting saves rain forest, Ashton Kutcher fights Malaria, Brad Pitt stands up for human rights and Bono makes anti-poverty campaigns. Now the most famous and largest bird-blogging web-site 10000birds.com take on their share to do more GOOD. They have started a novel Conservation Club for the Critically Endangered birds.

You can become a member and support this initiative for a mere $25. Not only is it rewarding that the full amount minus the small Paypal fee will go entirely to the project they decide to support, but you also have a chance of winning some great prices.


That’s right! They get such a large number of gifts from suppliers to review (after all they get a couple of thousand visitors to the page per day), that they thought these gifts could be given away as prizes to stimulate more people to join the club. In a way by paying $25, you enter in a great raffle and the prices are plenty and valuable. You have a larger chance winning than on any other type of lottery or betting¬† involving horses, dogs or soccer players.

Here are the two first installments explaining what it is all about.

So what can you win?  Just check this and get blown away!

What are you waiting for? Just Join!

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