What is #ecomonday?

It is in the Buzz

Since last Monday, if you have the slightest interest in nature and green living, you can not have missed the #ecomonday hashtag on Twitter.
What is it? It originates from a tweet made by @MaxGladwell. The first tweet looks like this.

We suggested starting #ecomonday last week as the #followfriday for green. @sheagunther gives it a boost: https://bit.ly/17EqZ5

In the quoted link to Shea Gunther’s blogpost “The great green Twitter follow parade”, Shea points out that just 10 green people on the last #followfriday on Twitter was just not enough. There was a call for all Green tweople to list their Twitter accounts in the comment section. This was a week ago. Soon it was re-tweeted all over Twitter and today it could hardly be missed. It is incredible how viral Twitter can become. Since last Monday a couple of thousand tweets have been sent containing the “#ecomonday” tag. Shea also gives credit to Jeremya Owyang @jowyang, who is a Twitter guru. Credit where credit is due.

Ecomonday has evolved not only to recommend people to follow, but also recommending specific web-pages and blogs, as well as recommending eco-businesses.

I suggest you check Max Gladwell’s site to check for the Tweets containing the #ecomonday hashtag.  If you use Tweetdeck or a similar application, you may want to open a search column for the hashtag.

Finally quoting Shea:

If we can get this out wide enough to all the eco-minded Tweople, we can firm up our connections to one another and come out a stronger, more followed mass of greenies. Knowledge and connections are power and the more networked we are the better able to blast out the message that the environment needs to be a consideration in our headlong rush towards the future.

If you haven’t got a clue what Twitter is yet, check out these posts.

They are mostly directed towards birders, but anyone can grasp the essence in these posts. (You are on a birdwatching site in case you did not notice – but the owner is very interested in Social Media and Green.)

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