What was the point? Peru’s Amazon conflict!

Peru’s president backs on some of the land controversy.

In the end the president had to back. Some of the rights of the indigenous people in the Peruvian rain forest are restored.

LIMA, June 18 (Reuters) –

Peru’s Congress overturned two controversial land laws on Thursday that ignited deadly clashes between police and indigenous protesters in the Amazon rainforest two weeks ago, killing at least 34 people.

Legislative decrees 1090 and 1064 had been issued by President Alan Garcia under special powers Congress gave him to implement a free-trade pact with the United States.

They outlined a broad plan for how to regulate investment in the Amazon, and tribal groups say they were not consulted before the laws were issued.

Several other recent Garcia decrees designed to attract foreign investors to mining and energy projects remain in place.

What kind of a government turn arms against their own people? National media talk about 22 killed police officers and 12 others. Hmmm, I wonder what could have triggered such hate  that people with spears actually attack the heavily armed police…..or is the national media not telling the true story? How many indians were really massacred, I wonder?

Check this video on You Tube.  WARNING: This could make you puke!

The roads are open again in Peru for birding and tourism. When will Peru officially start concentrating becoming THE ecotourism-destination in the world?  Tourism is after all far more sustainable industry that mining and forestry.

UPDATE:  The main stream media talk mostly about the tortured, mutilated and killed police officers. No-one can defend such horror of course. The responsible should be brought to justice. But, the question that must be asked nevertheless is why this happened?  Ben Powless does a good job in this article relating what happened on June 5:

Massacre in Peru: A Trip into the Amazon brings Answers and More Questions

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