5 Steps How to Read the Greatest Bird Blog Carnival on Earth

I and the Birds #123 coming your way!

So after long absence I threw in a blog post to the largest Bird Blogging Carnival on the net, that attracts millions of readers every second of week. Not! In fact there is relative small readership of this blog carnival and individual posts.  I am sure for most  readers of this modest blog, this is old news. Hand on heart. Do you read all the posts? Do yo comment? The most important reason why someone participate in the blog carnival is to be discovered by other birders. The second reason is because it gives link juice. That is a backlink to your own blog which helps search engines to find and index your blog and hopefully increase the Google position for your important keywords. But everyone likes to have more readers. Have some pity on these self-sacrificing bloggers. Do the bird blogging community a favor and follow these simple steps and everyone will be so more happy.  You know the reason. Good Karma. You will be a Problogger in your next life.

Five steps to read the Greatest Blog Carnival

  1. Find the time of day when you are killing time doing something that absolutely gives you no value. Look, you don’t need to watch American Idol or watch the CNN news again, again and again. If you are going to waste some time, let’s waste it on something that matters. Bird blogging. The bloggers are heroes. Support them. Read their stuff. Gaze with awe at the beautiful pictures.
  2. Start with an empty browser. Close down all other programs and tabs. Open Idaho Birding Blog where Robert Mortensen guide you through the entries of the 123rd I and the bird. Idaho is the Gem State and Robert is keeping the theme up by presenting us with an introduction of different precious (semi-precious is probably the correct term for something that is not a diamond, emerald or a ruby) stones from his home state.
  3. Scroll down and browse all the posts. Ugh, there are 30 posts referred to altogether. This will take ages!! Give it an hour and read 12 blogs today, then an hour tomorrow to read another 12 and half an hour the day after tomorrow. I am sure you can find a dead hour today to do so.
  4. Choose the 12 posts that seem to interest you the most based on the titles and open these one by one in a new tab in your browser. Keep Ctrl pressed as you click on each blog.
  5. Set your timer. 5 minutes per blog including the comments you leave. Repeat tomorrow.

Have fun. Your are a real gem, because you took your time to read and comment a bird blogger reaching out to you. They will all love you. Good Karma to you indeed!

Gems in Idaho

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