ABA president also join birdingblogs!

From Delaware to Colorado to Birdingblogs

Northern Gannet

This one is just too easy! The new president of ABA (American Birding Association) that takes office in November, was asked to be part of this project- and accepted – before the new job was secured. He shall not post much in the beginning I am sure, but he shall nevertheless be a window to the American Birding Association providing interesting material about ABA and its activities.

Interestingly, ABA has also announced a multi-author blog – and  made several posts.  Today 10000birds announced that their blogging platform shall include various new names.  Competition you may think? Not really, I think of it more of a bird blogging paradigm shift. I think we all have come to the same conclusion.  To reach the audiences the serious birding blogger aspires, one needs to join forces with others. 10000 birds have understood this for a long time.

Birdblogger 7. Who am I?

  • Tour leader
  • New ABA president
  • Horse-shoe crab flipper

State your “guesses” in comment sections, please.

UPDATE: Jeff Gordon of course. Here you find Jeff’s own blog.

Photo: Northern Gannet by Jeff Gordon
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