Annoying Twitter spam in @reply

Everyone knows that direct messages is completely useless in Twitter once you reach a few kilo of followers or more. There are bound to be a lot of those who you follow that will miss-use this feature and send spam-like messages to your DM box.

The pros, those with 10000 or more followers, no longer monitor their Direct messages. The @reply is a more direct and more efficient way to communicate. Unfortunately, it seems the spammers also discovered this.

Look at these three tweets that I recieved in my reply folder:

  • ohncurrie: tinnitus success stories: @EKGmethod @tomsskyline @coffeefundraise @Kolibrix
  • STARFAX: Free Twitter Marketing Software:  @deineexistenz @christiswhite @Kolibrix
  • ShelliCindberg: Twitter AutoFollow Software Out: Http://Tweep.Net @thewhitespy @JennDizmang @Kolibrix @rickster_CA

I have specifically noticed more spamming in the @reply box on Friday coinciding with #followfriday campaign. While most of those that recommend my @kolibrix are legit followers, there are often many that are quite obviously spammy. Some include the #followfriday tag, while others just coincide in sending the tweet on a Friday. Here are some examples from last Friday.

  • toddjonesy: Wow, this is an amazing twitter software @Kolibrix @vitailluminata @eCoverage @PMesterheide
  • WhiteSammy: 100% hands off FOREX trading robot @inspiredachieve @Kolibrix @PatyAmorim @seinflinks

It appears that you can now get a software that will send out a tweet with random @replies and your link you want to promote.  If this increases in frequency it will become a threat to twitter’s usefullness. Be sure you immediately block the spammer. I wanted to use the spam funtion on Seesmic  to send Twitter admin a message recommending to ban the spamming accounts. But apparantly I can not send this message as it is sent as a direct message. Guess what! The spammers don’t even follow me, so my messages can’t be sent back to them.  If anyone know how I can report these mothers… let me know.

Don’t let the spammers take over your @reply box.

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