Best time to visit Peru?

Wouldn't you be better off in Peru?

Wouldn't you be better off in Peru?

When is the best time to visit Peru?

This is a question I always get. I tell people they will always see more birds in Peru than at home…so any time of year is better than being “home”. In spite of this most trips are planned in the relatively dry season of the SE between June and September. Why are people so afraid of rain. Is there any time of year that people do not visit Costa Rica? Why is it that Ecuador get hoards of people in every season? Isn’t it time to break the spell and visit Peru all year around. Especially important since you may chose a different area and not necessarily go to SE in the wettest months.
All of those who have visted Peru please let us know your experiences of different areas and different months in the comment section below. I am sure we shall see that Peru is always worth a visit and again another visit.

Photo John Talbot Creative Commons license
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