Birding on TED?

Birding will save the Planet

I don’t even know if birding can be mainstream, but TED seems to be a good venue to try.  Today is the deadline for the public to submit a one-minute video for an live audition in New York on May 24.  The best will go to the TED event in 2012 in California and many shall be shown on the TED video channel on YouTube.

So I put this little piece together. Hope you like it.

It is only one minute long, so you have time to watch it. This is only the intro, I am sure you want to know HOW Birding will Save the Planet? My hope is that the TED people will want to know this as well.

The idea is that birding is a much greener way to do tourism than traditional tourism and it give local communities both a chance to get an income as well as a reason why to conserve their forests. I will in a longer talk show examples of where birding contributes directly to the economy and the conservation, and easy strategies how communities can be involved. I will also show a strategy how we can make vast amount of people into birdwatchers in the 21st century. Hope to get the chance, TED!

To get an idea what kind of great talks that previously have been given, have look at these ones.

Graham Hill (Founder of Why I am a weekday vegetarian.

Sarah Kay: Spoken Word Poetry.

Chris Jordan: Amazing art based statistics showing the excesses of our society?

Top illustration.  Earth Day 2011 by Alice PopKorn on Flickr
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