Birding Peru 2011

Upcoming trips and birding opportunities in Peru

Kolibri Expeditons is having a good year so far when it comes to bookings, but it is very uneven. We had 3 months of hardly any work to begin with, then a very busy April with myself in Colombia and several trips running in Peru including a large Thai group.  Now comes May and June and again it is slow. July and August again is very busy.  Therefore, I am forced to make a blogpost which chief purpose is to sell more. There are saleries and bills to pay also in the slow months, you know. On the other hand you are about to get some offers that rarely come back.  Are you ready.

May Marvelous Spatuletail and Long-whiskered Owlet

We are already over one third may. We have one client who got a very good deal on hiring car and driver for 10 days presently in Northern Peru and who will end on May 20 in Tarapoto.
Here is an offer.  Bird your way back to Chiclayo, Cajamarca or Lima for US$150 per person and day Max 10 days. If just one person you’d have car and driver for this price and if more than one person the price is per person including guide, basic lodging and food.   Try to beat that.  A fast check on shows flights with Continental to Lima from Miami for mere 380 dollars. The flight to Tarapoto is around $100.

Limited offer until May 18

June birding.

It looks as empty as May. But I hope there will be some people who take us up on the following offer.  Base price is $200 dollars per day per person 1-2 people $175 for three  and $150 when four people or more. Costs for flights and hotel upgrades may apply if you wish for additional services.

These prices are aplicable on budget tours in North Peru and Central Peru. Both programs support conservation initiatives in which Kolibri Expeditions is involved.
Two 8 day sample programs are here:

We are flexible for discounts also on other destinations in Peru.  Offer is valid until June 1.

Vilcambamba exploratory with Gunnar and Alex in June.

Chance of the lifetime to go birding with Alex Duran and Gunnar Engblom at low cost. We are interested in connecting Cusco with Machu Picchu overland and continue to explore the areas of birding around along Urubamba river and Vilcabamba mountains, where there now is a road between Quillabamba and San Francisco/Kimbiri on the Apurimac river. The road reaches altitudes of over 2500m, why it should be good for the endemic Vilcabamba Brush-Finch. Furthermore, there are recent range extension of Scimitar-winged Piha from this area.

Add all interesting birds from mid levels that were recently reported in Cotinga by Robins et al.,  such as Black Tinamou, Ashy Antwren, Shrike-like Cotinga and Ceruelan-capped Manakin, just to mention a few. Additionally, there is excellent bamboo with all the specialists of the region at lower altitudes and the possibility to continue furthe down river to Timpia passing the Pongo Mainique before reaching the Machiguenga community Sabeti Lodge, for Selva Cacique, fantastic macaw-licks and brilliant lowland birding.
Cost: $180/person and day. Main expedition in the core area  will last 6 days from Cusco, with possibility to do extensions to Abra Malaga, Machu Picchu and Sabeti Lodge.

July-August Birding.

July looks good. There are several trips that have a few availabilities.

Budget trips

Culture and Birding:


July 18-31. Manu Jaguar Safari – birding and mammal watching at its best.  Only two vacancies.


Join our celebrated Pelagics.

  • July 14 – Steve Howell is joining as client
  • Jully 25
  • August 9 – Peter Harrison is joining as client
  • August 16
  • August 22

September-October SALE

All trips in the calendar starting on dates in September or October sell at 20% discount when booked and 20% deposit paid before May 31.


The  Neotropical Ornithological Congress in in Peru between Nov 8-15. Kolibri Expeditions offer a number of tours around these days. Again check in the calendar – or talk to us (

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