Digital Philanthropy blog carnival #5

Blog Carnivals

I have been submitting to many blog carnivals this past week. The idea is to increase traffic to the blog and to get more backlinks. So far I am not too impressed with the results in terms of visitors to the blog. Does anyone actually read these carnivals except the people that are participating? And do you click through to check out the blogs participating? Hand on the heart! Please comment below.

Digital Philanthropy

Digital Philanthropy is a new blog carnival that promotes charity and non profit involvement for the sake of doing good. Sounds like an excellent idea. But why only four participants? I have read the other participants contributions. Sure some heartworthy projects. I am thinking how maybe similar ideas can be put into action here in Peru.  There is so much need and it needs to channeled into good sustainable projects.

Hope the carnival gets some traffic so more people can learn about good causes to take part in.

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