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Top 10 lists

Top 10 lists are popular
Top 10 lists are popular

I am listening to advice here. Catch attention to your site by doing a list! The social media gurus are drowning us with 15 useful tools for wordpress bloggers, 10 Best Strategies to Massively Increase Your Visibility Online, the 10 most egregious SEO mistakes etc. Lists is the way to go if you want visitors to your blog. So people tell everyone you know about this post and I shall let you know if we reach an all high number of visitors to this blog-post.
People just love lists. I second Sheridan’s Ivory Gull post, where she mentions a favorite movie of mine as well – High Fidelity – in which John Cusak and Jack Black turns the whole world around them into top 5 lists. And for birders lists are even more important….I guess you already knew that.

David Govoni – a friend on Twitter – asked today for birdwatching links to his delicious link bundle on birds and birding. I decided to send him my 10 favorite birding links. I later realized this makes a great blogging post, so there you have it. I had actually meant to blog about Ivory Gull, twitching and dipping today, but now I did this instead. Well, I have that blog up my sleef, as well as a series of coming postings with some juicy pics from my recent Brazil trip.

Here we go: Gunnar’s favorite birding web-sites.

Actually, I refuse to make them a proper top 10, because I cannot rank among them. So please don’t see their individual number as an actual preference on my part.

  1. Bird Forum: As the name inplies forum about birds. Lots of activity in here, and always someone on line to give you comments on your posts.  There is also a wiki with info and photos on birds around the world. Not surprisingly this part is being under construction.
  2. BirdLife International Data zone Here you find info on the threat status of all the birds in the world, as well as learning about endemic bird areas and Important Bird Areas.
  3. A birding blog: Corey, Charlie and Mike’s pioneering extremely popular blog. To me it is the best birding blog there is. And even better since today, when they are partnering with Birdlife International to raise money and awareness for threatened birds.     
  4. Worldtwitch.  John Wall’s pioneering world birding site. Even of the interface could do with some make-up, the content is the strong side here. Just loads of info and valueble links for the world birder.
  5. Fatbirder. Bo Beolens pioneering birding resource page. This is also a site I often come back to.
  6. Kenn and Kim Kaufman blog. Famous couple blogging together. Kingbird Highway and field guide author Kenn and his lovely Rock n Roll wife Kim entertain me immensly. And while they travel the world and blogging about it, they also have initiated some great local projects for kids to become interested in nature and birds.
  7. Avibase.  Need a checklist for any one country or region? Need to know what any species is called in Hebrew, Portuguese or Finnish? Avibase has it all.
  8. Travelling Birder. Two Danish brothers created the best trip report collection for birders. You can be sure to find loads of info here prior to your Peru trip.
  9. American Birding Association – ABA. This is not only a great organization to be part of to recieve the beautiful magazine birding. The web-site is packed with info.
  10. Surfbirds. Pioneering modern portal like birding web-site. And still the best of the lot. Here you find people uploading their bird pictures, place their life lists, write blogs, hang tripreports etc.

For avid birders most of these sites may well be known, but maybe you learnt something about promoting your web-sites by the introduction above…and I got yet a visitor to my blog..

Now check out the birding tours or learn about birding in Peru on my other web-sites (hehehe!)

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