Nature watching deals in July

Nature watching excursions in July with Kolibri Expeditions.

Waved Albatros Photo: Gunnar Engblom
I’d like to present a couple of nature excursions that Kolibri Expeditions are organizing this month for very modest prices. These are chiefly directed to residents in Peru  who are enjoying holidays over the Fiestas Patrias (Peru National Day July 28) and the weekends around the 28th of July and no previous knowledge of birdwatching is necessary. Obviously visiting independent birders may also be interested in these excursions as some of them are offered at special prices – especially for Young birders up to 25 years old.
I also present some of our regular birding excursions here which are directed to visiting birders but which can be joined by residents for a lower cost.

July 19. Full day Pelagic – Seabirds, whales, dolphins and sealions. Guiding and food included. Cost:  Regular price $175. Young birder up to 25 $90. Price for expat and Peruvian residents $55.

July 24-25. Santa Eulalia Canyon  and Milloc Bog. Condor, Alpacas and Diademed Sandpiper Plover.
A great program . Who would have thought there would be Condors 3 hours from Lima. Night in Huacho Pampa. Food and  lodging included. Regular cost: 270 . Special offer $220. Young birders $180. Price for expats and residents 130 dollars. Guide, driver, transport, lodging, and food inlcuded.  Guide Alejandro Tello.

July 26. Full day Pelagic – Seabirds, whales, dolphins and sealions. Guiding and food included. Cost:  Regular price $175. Young birder up to 25 $100. Price for expat and Peruvian residents. $75Guide: Gunnar Engblom

July 28.- Aug 1. Fiestas  Patrias to Satipo road.  Photographic expeditions with Alejandro TelloDay 1. July 28. Lima-Ticlio-La Oroya-La Merced-Satipo- MariposaMostly a driving day with selected stops en route. Night in Mariposa villageDay 2. July 29. Visit to Water fall near Mariposa watching birds and butterflies on the way. Transfer to San Antonio.Day 3-4 birding Satipo road.Day 5 return to Lima via Comas and Concepcion.
Cost  Normal Price around $650. Special Offer: Non-residents $400. Young birders pay Resident 250Additionally 10% of the fee goes to the Satipo road (aka Pampa Hermosa project) run by Rainforest Parntership. Please consider supporting this project. Check out this blogpost.  When did you last spend $10 wisely. There is a contest going on right now and Rain Forest Partnership is second.

Also check my post  A marathon for Conservation 2010 for more background details.

Alternative trip for Fiestas Patrias to Tambopata.
Tambopata July 28-Aug 1. Short Mega birding trip
This trip is a bit more advanced with birdwatching from dusk to dawn.  We travel via the new road to Puerto Maldonado. Our expert birding guide Alex Durand will show you up to 400 species in a mere 5 days
July 28. Drive via Huacarpay lake to Marcapata. En route you can observe Bearded Mountaineer, Giant Coot, Andean Snipe and Andean Goose. Near Marcapata Alex has recently found Red-and-White Antpitta and Marcapata Spinetail. July 29. The birding via Quincemil  to Puerto Maldonado is simply excellent. Some of the great birds we have found include Cock of the Rock, Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo, Black-backed Tody-Tyrant, Slaty Gnatearter, Blackish Rail and many more. There are very good bamboo-patches en route that house those special Manu birds that were only accessible by paying high lodge prices previously. Night in beds with mosquito netting under roof in lodge under construction. Showers and toilets are available. July 30-31. Birding trails near lodge. Special birds include Peruvian Recurvebill, Rufous-headed Woodpecker, Puru’s Jacamar and many more.  On the 31st at night we drive back to Cusco.Aug 1. Free day in Cusco or Visit Abra Malaga. Our vehicle shall be leaving Cusco airport at 7 AM and via Sacsayhuaman go to Ollantaytambo. At 9 AM we continue up to the Polylepis woodland at the Abra Malaga pass.
Price: non resident. $600. Young birders up to 25 years old. $400. Resident expats and Peruvians pay $300
August. 11-20. Same program as above but 10 days, although this program also visit a macaw lick and a Giant Otter cocha. ..Price: non resident. $1200. Young birders up to 25 years old. $795. Resident expats and Peruvians pay $600

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