Nigeria type scammers trying to fraud small birding traveller agent.

Nigeria scam hitting on Peruvian birding company

It is hard to believe that anyone would actually fall for the scam emails stating that you have won, inherited or are asked to store millions of dollars. These are know as NIgeria scams. But a scam type using the same methods is also used to buy items (often on ebay) or services. The other day I got a mail asking for a two week trip.

Here is the mail:


I want to make a reservation for two adults(couple) starting from 14/102009 – 28/10/2009. However,a Certified Bank Cheque of 7,550 EURO will be sent to you, that will cover your rental services and you should keep the remaining money which will be used by the couple for their daily welfare on their arrival.

So,confirm this and provide me with the followings:
(1)The total costof the reservation for the 14 days starting from 14/10/2009 – 28/10/2009
(2) YOUR FULL NAME (name for cheque of 7,550 EUROS )
(3)ADDRESS (for chequedelivery) (4) PHONE NUMBERS. for payment to be delivered to you.Please remember that this business requires prompt response.I also hope there stay will be made comfortable.The clients name are below for the paper work Timothy and Ann King 12 London Rd . .Ashford. Middx. TW15 3AAUK .

David Cole

One could almost believe it is legitimate, because they are asking for a service we can actually provide.  However, suspicion rises when no particular tour is mentioned. Anyway, I decided to play along this one time, because it could be a good excersize to warn others against these practices.

Here is my reply:

Dear David

Thanks so much for this reservation. I assume it for the 15 day birdwatching tour in Northern Peru.
The cost of the trip for two people is 3680 US$ per person – and thus the total is 7360 US$  approximately 5850 Euro.

You find the bank details on our web-site.


Gunnar Engblom

Learn how to recognize the Nigeria Scams on this great wikipedia link.

I shall post updates on this page… come back to pay us another visit.

Image by Don Hankins via Creative Commons license
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