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Another Blog Carnival on travel

As mentioned in a previous post I have been testing submitting to several blog carnivals at the end of April as an experiment if they really bring in any substantial traffic to my site. I am not going to reveal the results just yet, but instead present yet another travel Carnival (the first one Inspiring  Travel Blog Carnival I review here on May 4).
Living in Peru – a popular tourism destination – not only for birders (Machu Picchu may sound familiar??), I decided to submit my post on The best 11 birds as tourism attractions in Peru to some travel blog carnivals. After all some birds are not only for birders and these make excellent poster species – and tourism attractions.

I was happy to today recieve note of acceptance in yet another travel blog carnival. Nomadic Matt’s Travel Blog Carnival in its 18th edition.  While Inspiring  Travel Blog Carnival was for  a more comfort demanding public, this blogger is quite obviously targeting a public of backpackers and long haul vagabonds. It does contain some very cool blogs, which I will not link to from here, but mention so you jump over to Matt and check them out.

  • The l0ngest way home: about a guy on his way “home” – if he can find it – and has walked – yes walked from Portugal to China the last 4 years!
  • How to take a cab in Instanbul without being cheated
  • 8 signs that you are in Panama.

Matt’s blog is a gem btw. Especially, for budget travellers. Wish I had this resource during my own vagabonding some 15 years ago.

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