Tiger Girl – who is she really?

Birdingblogger 3. She is funny!

And Now Check the ears

And Now Check the ears - comment by my birdingblog "friend"

Here is  a photo by the third of my BirdingBlog” friends” I have never met. The contest goes on! I still have not revealed who BirdingBlogger 1 and BirdingBlogger 2 are, to give you some more time (and chance to win a good prize – see below).  Please, place your guesses before it is too late.

Birdingblogger 3. Who am I?

  • Sadly, she does not blog anymore – too time consuming she says.
  • She is still active on Facebook – the fearless Tiger Girl.
  • From Melbourne, Australia
  • Tour Guide
  • Birds of Borneo.

See, was that not easy? Put down your guesses for this friend and the previous ones in the comment section below and take part in the contest. Prizes? OK, time to reveal!

First prize is a free daytrip in Lima (yes, I know the trip to come here will cost you much more but the price is valid for 10 years…so take your time.)  The day trip may also be a pelagic if you coincide the dates we are running such.

Runner up prizes. Everyone who gets all 10 answers right will get a Kolibri Expeditions  cap or a rainponcho! So what are you waiting for? Don’t worry if the comment does not show up immediately. I have activated moderation so the comment doesn’t show right away, giving others the chance to start taking part in the contest.

UPDATE: Only one correct answer in the comment section and one correct answer away from the blog.  Susan Myers  is author Birds of Borneo and started a blog called the Life of a bird tour leader, which was very promising, but as she said to me – never got enough traffic to justify the hard work writing post. I think the new platform on Birdingblogs.com will be perfect for her, as she may do a combination of her witty Facebook posts as well as ocassional longer blogpost.  Here she shall have a larger audience.

Photo credits: Susan Myers

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