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Wallcreeper. Butterfly bird of the Alps. Photo: Dale Forbes

Wallcreeper. Butterfly bird of the Alps. Photo Dale Forbes

No it is not spam. Sorry for bombarding Surfbirds and Birdforum with these entries from my blog. No, the idea stems from fact the bird-blogging is too time consuming for normal mortal birders – and the rewards (readers) are too few. Even the big names rarely have more than 100 visits daily. My idea was to get a few blogging friends together under one platform to have an easier load and get more readers. We shall see how it works.
If you have followed this contest you shall see that there are some great bloggers present. I will continue to present one blogger per post…and hopefully you will continue to put your guess in the comment section below. There is still time (until tomorrow night) to put your guess on Blogger 1 (which is dead easy). Blogger two and blogger three shall be revealed on Saturday.  As mentioned before, the comment section is temporarily moderated, so you can make a guess, but it will not show right away so the correct answer is being given away.

The next blogger has always had a very a visually attractive site, with large photos of great birds. I particularly remember his Wallcreepers. Here are the clues!

Birding blogger 4 – Guess who I am?

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UPDATE: Yes, it is Dale Forbes of Discovering Alpine Birding.

Photo credits: Dale Forbes
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