Twitter Updates for 2009-03-27

  • [at]nycmike don’t think they should have a problem as Twitter is open source and invites to app building. #
  • [at]martinrstone Great stuff Martin, I will have to penetrate some of those services to get to know them better. #
  • I am experimenting with Stumble Upon. You find some of my posts there. pls vote on them #
  • [at]Dawn the toolbar is a great stumble search tool. With the TAG, you select up to 5 tags i.e. “birding”,then click Stumble! & get surprise #
  • [at]Dawn My stumblepage is pretty bleak &un-organised I´m afraid. I´m new at this & also forget I have it. https://birdingperu.stumbleupon. #
  • OMG Once again is my blog mentioned on the sidenotes of number 1 birding blog Must be doing something right? #
  • just realizing I have not been on facebook today, whay did I miss? #
  • I Twitter, Ergo I am! #
  • [at]nycmike thnx The full address if you want to skip my business pages (nobody wants to bird in Peru, right?) is: #
  • Suicidal Penguins #
  • I Twitter therefore I am ! Memo to self! #

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