With Luciana Pelican-watching with elephant!

Chorillos fish market

Luciana at fish market Chorillos. IMG00163-20090920-1320

Went birding with Luciana today with no binoculars and no telescope. The only thing we carried…well Luciana carried ….was her elephant and bird-folder. I carried my Blackberry and these are the photos produced from the camera within the BB. We headed down to Chorrillos’s fishing port. I have been going there quite a few times with Luciana and Elita. It is a good place also to see Inca Tern and Peruvian Seaside Cinclodes, although we did not see any today. Actually,it is a cool place to take kids as, one may buy some cut up fish for a Sol (35 cents) to hand out to the Peruvian Pelicans.

IMG00149-20090920-1303Be sure to bring the ID-kit!

IMG00156-20090920-1311Thumb on Peruvian Pelican.  Somewhat similar to elephant, right?

IMG00160-20090920-1313Hey, I want to show you something!

IMG00159-20090920-1312Don’t be shy!

IMG00161-20090920-1313Look. Here is my elephant!

IMG00166-20090920-1324All sorts of fresh fish can be bought at the Chorillos fish market

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