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Marvelous Spatuletail by Max WaughThe 2017 birdwatching tour and bird photography in Peru program is now rolling out in the tour calendar with lots of interesting tours with birding in Peru and elsewhere. We are for instance doing a Birding Japan tour in February and we continue promoting our 5 day tours with several departures scheduled already for 2017.  Also check our updated longer tours to Manu and North Peru, which have tiered pricing. Tiered pricing means that you can save money by chosing more basic lodging or you could pay more for more comfort and some perks.  Another new feature this year is that our scheduled tours save you money. The scheduled tours come with $20/day discount.  Check the calendar to see our scheduled tours to make a reservation straight away. 

Banded Ground-Cuckoo can be seen again. Keen on seeing Banded Ground-Cuckoo? It is back at Un Poco de Choco research station in Ecuador and it is being fed grashoppers. Want to see 15 species of Antpittas? We want to run again our successful 3 week Antpitta twitch tour to Northern Peru and Ecuador with preliminary start on Dec 12. The starting date is flexible. The first person to sign up decided the starting date. It is possible to join for a shorter period if you like. The trip is also very good for birders enjoying hummingbirds, since many of the lodges we visit have hummingbird feeders.  Read the blogpost on Birdingblogs about the Banded Ground-Cuckoo discovery in Ecaudor. Also check out Un Poco De Choco's Facebook Page. (Dec 1, 2014).

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