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The style of birding of different birders is different. The economic reality of different birders is also different. Can one company provide for everyone and at the same time? We can! Here are some of  the possibilities.

Marvelous Spatuletail Tours. Our de luxe -programs. For the comfort demanding birder who wants personal service with expert guides, good vehicles and comfortable lodging. Time to study the birds well in the field, but also concentrating on the key birds. There are also programs that specialize on Hummingbirds or Parrots or combines Archaeology and birding. During the evenings we will do a communal log every night. Base-price is 300$/day. Spectacular Birding and Great Comfort.

Kolibri Expeditions´ Pro. This is our classic program that has been remarkably improved over the years as we have gained experience. Although, we don´t shun going to the most remote corners, to camp when necessary and hike up the mountain to get the birds, we provide care-free trips with safari style camps and with a cook (larger groups). In large cities we use decent hotels with double occupancy and private hot water showers. Clients are encouraged to take detailed individual notes during the day, because we may some-times after a long day in the field decide to do the log for two days the next day. Base price is 215 $/day. Expedition Birding to the Rare and Threatened Birds.

Do it yourself. Kolibri DIY.  Rent one of our vehicles with an experienced driver.  This comes out remarkably inexpensive.  Rent the a van with our driver who knows where the birds are for $250/day. Additionally you pay gas which is cheap in Peru and drivers expenses at $30/day directly to the driver. The van comes complete with camping equipment (except sleeping bags), cocking utensils, cooking gas, chairs and tables. Our driver also cooks so you just buy the food and you get served meals in the field. 
For Kolibri DIY we provide checklists, make bookings for you and help you with birding strategy and gen. 

Groups and customized trips.
If you belong to a small party and want to create your own customized trip almost anything is possible. We can in many cases give you additional discounts, especially if you allow us to add more people to your group. For groups of 8 people or more there will be an additional guide assigned to the group.

Below follows the price/day for different number of passengers for Kolibri Pro and Marvelous Spatuletail programs. Flights and other means of transport to get to the starting point will be added. 

Don´t hesitate to ask us for details.


KOLIBRI PRO Number of pax 1 2 3 4 5
More pax allowed
426 325 270 233 215

 Number of pax 1 2 3 4 5
More pax allowed
510 410 355 323 300


Our prices are much cheaper than the major Bird Tour Operators and only slightly more expensive compared to doing it all on your own. How come?.

  • We do not subcontract. The large bird tour operator has a local agent. We are the local agent as well.
  • We use basic but adequate hotels or camp near the birding area. Birders don´t spend much time at the hotel anyway. Why spend money on luxury you don´t use? All you need is a bed and a shower. However, if comfort is a big issue for you, we can book very comfortable hotels. You will still save lots of money.
  • We use few interior flights (in for example Argentina, Brazil and Chile). We feel you loose birding time at airports due to frequent delays and lost luggage. Valuable mornings are lost. We drive instead and do birding en route. Sometimes when possible we drive during dark (only when safety so permits - early mornings and early evening), and this way gain kilometers when nothing can be seen.

The only way to do it cheaper is to do it yourself. But there are many tough challenges in South America to take into account.

  • language - You need to know Spanish in rural areas. With us you have a bilingual staff always.
  • thieves - our driver always keeps an eye on our belongings.
  • too many birds to learn - +1800 species in Peru.
  • hazardous driving - good to have a separate driver so you and your guide can concentrate on the birds.
  • time (and money) lost in haggling, searching for hotels, following poor directions in bird reports. Let us guide you right instead.

Some trips will have a slightly higher prices due to boat excursions or interior flights. Flights and buses to get to the start/end of the itinerary are not included, but can be booked through Kolibri Expeditions if you wish for a small fee. We look for the most convenient flight and cheapest flight that fit the program and add around $20 per ticket.

Prices include:

  • 3 meals a day. Breakfast and lunch mostly served in the field to maximize birding time and a hot cooked meal at night. Drinks are not included in restaurants. Micropore treated water always available in the field to reduce overly depending on disposable plastic bottles.
  • Accommodation in basic hotels or camping. Hotels in larger cities have private bath and hot water. Camping will either be near a birding locality or at a recognized camp site (commonly so in Argentina, Chile and Brazil). We will supply mattresses and tents. You will have to bring a sleeping bag. Small groups will be able to sleep in the Van.
  • Transport. Hyundai 2015 Van  For larger groups we have a 12 seater 2016 Maxus Van.
  • Birding guides. You will be guided by very experienced leaders. The leader may be supplemented by local guides and an auxiliary guide if group size is larger than 8.
  • Driver. Separate drivers ensures that long distances will be covered efficiently. The guide can concentrate on the guiding.
  • Cook. Your driver or a specific cook will prepare the food for you while you and your guide will concentrate on the birding.
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