Gunnar’s weekly Twitter links about birding, birds and Social Media 2009-12-07

Gunnar’s weekly Twitter-links

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to summarize the links that one has shared on Twitter in a blog post. First of all just sharing on another platform is a good idea. Not everyone is on Twitter, and this gives other a chance to discover what you are sharing. You may be sharing the some of the same  things on Facebook, but rarely all – and only your Facebook Friends will be able to see them anyway. On this  platform anyone can see them.

Secondly, the items are searchable on your Blogging platform. More than once have I looked for things that I have tweeted in the past, and had a hard time to find them. This is easily avoided now with a search.

This post is also searchable on Google now. This both gives content to my web-page and makes it easier to find on general Google searches for specific keywords.

The application I use is Twitter tools for WordPress. It automatically, makes a blog post of your tweets. Then I edited the tweets for about an hour into the categories below. Hope you find this useful.

Peru birding and news from Kolibri Expeditions

  • Some ID nuts to crack from a trip at sea on Nov 18. Who is good on Tern and Skua ID? #
  • How long will this continue? Unsustainable eco-tourism near Lima, Peru. Swimming with sealions. #
  • David Cook’s 2 sets of bird pics from Northern Peru! Some great shots here. #
  • Where Will You Be in One Year? Join Corey Finger of 10000 birds on a trip to Peru #
  • Special offer for the days between xmas and new year. Dec 26-Dec 31 Satipo road – short 7 day tour FIXED DEPARTURE… #
  • Planning for a combined birding trip and holiday with the family in Thailand in mid-Feb. Should I announce it as a… #
  • Here are some bits and pieces from the last Kolibri Expeditions newsletter and some funny videos in the end #

Bird Conservation

Birding in general US

Birding in general all around the world.

Social Media for birders

  • How to customize your Facebook NewsFeed to only contain the friends that interact with you Pls ReTweet. #
  • How to read and comment a complete blog carnival in 59 minutes! I and the bird #114 #

Other interesting links.

  • How to feed the world? Interesting article to debate! Check all the comments in the Economist #
  • Must see video. Join the animals in this song/christmas carol. Thanks Amanda Smith for sharing on FB #
  • RT@burdr: Beer for birdwatchers? “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” is the strongest beer in the world via BBC #

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