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Scientia Pro Publica Blog Carnival

Scientia Pro Publica Image: wemidji (<a href"">Jacques Marcoux</a>).

Scientia Pro Publica Image: wemidji (Jacques Marcoux).

Once in a while you come across compilations of links that are worth a much larger readership. Scientia Pro Publica blog carnival is one of those. This is a fantastic source of information about current research carried out in a wide array of fields with mainly  Natural History and Medicine explained in simple words, ergo for the People!

The only criticism I have, is that the blog carnival would probably have caught my eye long before if it in fact had been called Science for the people, rather than using a phrase in Latin.

A new edition is out, and I submitted a post for the first time.  I suggest you pay a visit to Mauka to Makai blog of marine biologists Kelsey Abbott and Peter McDougall to scroll through the great reading you find here.

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