Gunnar’s weekly Twitter links about birding, birds and Social Media 2010-03-15

Why weekly Twitter-links?

  1. Twitter can be notoriously difficult to search for specific things that you read that you like. So if you instead re-tweet and have a weekly summery, this works essentially as a book mark.
  2. Twitter Tools WordPress app automatically makes this summery for you – in an unedited list form.
  3. I chose  to edit my list that is published every Monday in a more accessible form and place the tweets into categories and delete the personal updates that don’t contain links. Sorry for not having done this for a while with previous deliveries the last couple of months.
  4. It will also load my blog with keywords, which may help Search Engines find my blog.
  5. These posts don’t  get a lot of readers, but I still think it is worthwhile to post them here.

Here is the edited version of my Twitter links the last week. Enjoy!! Hope to go back to edit some of the earlier editions if I can find some time for it.

Peru birding and news from Kolibri Expedions.

  • Looks like we shall arrange a spring break 8 days Satipo road and Carpish trip after all. We got 3 people so far….
  • Short Marvelous Spatuletail, Abra Patricia, White-winged Guan and Peruvian Plantcutter trip comfirmed for May 7….


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