Lima Marathon finished in 3:59. How to donate?

I have been working on this blogpost since Sunday, but life is in the way to finish. I decided to split this marathon summary into two postings.
I made sub 4:13 on the marathon, which was the prime goal, but far from my original quest of 3:30 to qualify to Boston Marathon. I finished in 3:59:16 in spite being impaired for most of the early part of the race by a strained inner thigh after only 700m, which forced me to stop for 1.5 minutes and run slowly for about 7km. I also lost 3.5 min at 22.5K when I urgently had to ask a doorman in a apartment building on fashionable Miraflores water front promenade for a toilet. Yes, pooh!  And yes, the Marathon as an event, especially one that starts at 7 AM, is quite similar to this classic by Monty Python.  Over the first 25km there were at least 30 people who side-tracked.

But these excuses apart, as I suspected, I simply did not have enough training time to make 3:30. Those in the know, know well that a Marathon training program should at least go over 12 weeks. I had five and a half weeks. I am not new to training as mentioned in previous posts, but no training during a month prior to my start and not very intensive prior to that, was this time not enough for maintaining the speed for the whole race. I was very tired after 22km when I had to slow down.
In a way the fact that I turned my race into a fundraiser, made my failure to qualify to Boston, still a winner. It helped me to go on and to finish the race. It would not have been possible without you.
I have used my participation as way to both raise money for a cause together with Rainforest Partership, but more importantly, I used my quest to raise awareness. Together with RainForest Partnership we shall continue to build new projects together and take advantage of the social media network. Don’t worry, I shall not bombard you the coming weeks as I have done these past 12 days. I promise this and coming analysis are the last Marathon blogpost I do on this blog for a long time. I may kick life in a dormant training blog, I started in the beginning of the year, but that is a different story.

In my next post, I shall analyze the race, and what I have learn. First however, the important stuff. You have made a pledge after reading the blogpost Marathon for Conservation and you like to make a donation. As you remembered, there were three options.

  • 42 dollars. That’s one dollar per kilometer. You are crazy Gunnar, but you have my support for each kilometer you run.
  • 10 dollars. I think this is a great cause, and will support you no matter what with 10 bucks.
  • 1 dollar/min shaved off from 4:13.  You can do it Gunnar! For every minute faster you run I will donate one dollar more. Have this in your head at all times!

I did have this in my head at all times and shaved 14 minutes. You would owe 14 dollars (but you may want to add 5 bucks for the 5 minutes I lost quite ungraciously).

Meanwhile, Rainforest Partnership have made a note on Facebook and their blogabout my quest and donations can be made with safe credit card system on their web-page. If you leave a comment with your real name on this blog post or the previous Marathon for conservation blogpost, RP will be able to trace your donation so it would be earmarked for the Satipo road project. You can also send me an email to let me know how much you donated. I am hoping also through the people that signed up for the Rainforest Partnership cause on Facebook will be willing to make donations, in spite that the Marathon is over.
Finally, a big thanks to all that have responded to this cause, for retweets on Twitter and comments on the Facebook and the internet. You Rock!

Gunnar y Juan after the Marathon

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