May 2009

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I am really getting into this Twitter-thingee. It is a great way to spread the word of the things that really matter to you. So what matters to birders? Birds of course.

Yesterday, I posted a post called What is #ecomonday?.  Now it is time for the birders to step forwards and promote both our hobby and share it with other birders on #birdsaturday.

This is how it works.

On Saturdays, the day of the week when many birders get out in the field and see good birds and with time to tell others where to see specific birds or where to go birding on Sunday. Thus, post bird sightings and localities to visit on Sunday.  Also, promote your local birding walks and bird talks on #birdsaturday.

Furthermore, let’s start a Retweet Club on Saturdays. This is the day of the week when we make a cooperative effort to promote each others blogs or specific bird related web-pages. Only one rule. Choose blog posts and links that have a broad topic as possible as your contributions to be re-tweeted .  Particularly  links  that have the possibility to transcend also to non-birders or give useful tips for birders to connect with each other.

Thirdly, yes why not use it as a followbirder day on twitter as well.  Therefore, if you are not recommending birders to follow on Fridays, do it on Saturdays.

Last but not least. Retweet, retweet, retweet. Both for the retweet club as well as sightings, birding activities and locality tips

If you send your post at 9 AM someone logging on at noon will probably not see it. Use the retweet function for the stuff you like most and always promise yourself and your fellow birders that on Saturdays you shall commit to retweet at least 10 posts throughout the day.

Let’s try to make some more birders out of the no-birders out there. The more we are the stronger we become for habitat and species conservation.

Here are the latest Tweets on #birdsaturday

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It is in the Buzz

Since last Monday, if you have the slightest interest in nature and green living, you can not have missed the #ecomonday hashtag on Twitter.
What is it? It originates from a tweet made by @MaxGladwell. The first tweet looks like this.

We suggested starting #ecomonday last week as the #followfriday for green. @sheagunther gives it a boost:

In the quoted link to Shea Gunther’s blogpost “The great green Twitter follow parade”, Shea points out that just 10 green people on the last #followfriday on Twitter was just not enough. There was a call for all Green tweople to list their Twitter accounts in the comment section. This was a week ago. Soon it was re-tweeted all over Twitter and today it could hardly be missed. It is incredible how viral Twitter can become. Since last Monday a couple of thousand tweets have been sent containing the “#ecomonday” tag. Shea also gives credit to Jeremya Owyang @jowyang, who is a Twitter guru. Credit where credit is due.

Ecomonday has evolved not only to recommend people to follow, but also recommending specific web-pages and blogs, as well as recommending eco-businesses.

I suggest you check Max Gladwell’s site to check for the Tweets containing the #ecomonday hashtag.  If you use Tweetdeck or a similar application, you may want to open a search column for the hashtag.

Finally quoting Shea:

If we can get this out wide enough to all the eco-minded Tweople, we can firm up our connections to one another and come out a stronger, more followed mass of greenies. Knowledge and connections are power and the more networked we are the better able to blast out the message that the environment needs to be a consideration in our headlong rush towards the future.

If you haven’t got a clue what Twitter is yet, check out these posts.

They are mostly directed towards birders, but anyone can grasp the essence in these posts. (You are on a birdwatching site in case you did not notice – but the owner is very interested in Social Media and Green.)

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