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You probably wonder, what happened to Gunnar’s old original blog? Well, it is still available, but it just did not work as it was supposed to since a couple of years back. Our hosting was not responding to why the Thesis theme all of a sudden did not show correctly. The Post image function of Thesis (much like Featured Image) did not show. So we changed Hosting, but again it did not work. The hosting suggested it was because of the window environment, and to make it work we either had to get a dedicated server for some $300 per month, or we could move the blog to a php – Linux based environment. The people at the new hosting said that the url of www.KolibriExpeditions.com could be split into one website with the www in front of the domain name and another website without the www.

Said and done, so we did.  After a lot of pulling hairs, and shouting at the server people, we still could not get it to work. After the migration of the database, new versions of Word Press and Thesis, a lot of other issues started showing. Now we can’t even update to the newest version of WP without getting error messages.

Also, I am not very pleased to have the blog separated from the Kolibri website. The traffic to the blog would not count as hits to the commercial site, and thus we could lose Google Page rank. Thus, the reasonable thing to do in this situation is to start a new blog on the www.kolibriexpeditions.com domain, without the Thesis Theme, and rely on the Feature Image function.

I plan to regurgitate some of the more popular material on the original blog, and redirect visitors to the old article to new updated versions here.

Who am I?

I am Gunnar Engblom. Native of Sweden who migrated to Peru in search of birds. I settled down here 1998 and started Kolibri Expeditions. I now have a new family with my Peruvian wife Elita, and my daughters Luciana and Anahi.

I have background as a nature tour guide since 1987 for the Swedish company Temaresor, and I have lead birding tours to South America since 1990. Trained biologist at Stockholm University.

My other passions are Marathon running and Social Media – including blogging.

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