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All tours offered by Kolibri Expeditions and 7 Wonders Birding hereafter named as KE - 7WB are subject to the following terms and conditions:

If you have never joined a birding tour, please contact us and ask us more about what a birding tour really involves, before signing up. Some people are surprised how tiring some birding tours can be, or how focused they are on searching for birds. Also birds and wildlife are unpredictable. We will always do our best to put you where you need to be for your target species, but there is no guarantee you will see them.

Neither KE - 7WB  its members nor any of its employees, sub-contractors or consultants, shall be held liable for any damage, loss, injury or death, to any person or property and arising from any cause whatsoever including force major, during a  KE - 7WB  birding vacation, or from any activity related to or undertaken during a  KE - 7WB  vacation.  

  1. All tour participants are strongly advised to obtain adequate medical cover prior to any tour, to take steps to ensure that all valuables are covered against damage, loss or theft and to  obtain travel insurance for loss of luggage, unforeseen delay or cancellation of their trip  due to events such as delayed flights, adverse weather conditions, civil unrest or force major. 
  2. All tour participants are also advised to purchase comprehensive trip cancellation insurance, as KE - 7WB shall not give a refund on the deposit or balance payment if you cancel your participation in the trip, for any reason whatsoever (including, but not limited to illness and death)
  3. A tour will only be considered confirmed and provisional bookings will only be made once a deposit of 30% has been received by KE - 7WB for each participant. Full payment for the tour must be made at the latest 2 months prior to the starting date of the tour.     
  4. Please do not book international flights until you have first checked with  KE - 7WB.  
  5. Tours are conducted in English, unless otherwise indicated. 
  6. Smoking  in the tour vehicles and indoors is not permitted.  If you do smoke outdoors, please of course be considerate and move away from the group.  
  7. It is recommended that payment be made electronically or via wire transfer. If payment is made by MasterCard or Visa, an additional fee of 2.9% of the total tour price is required when using our payment platform. 
  8. KE - 7WB  reserves the right to modify an itinerary whilst on tour, if necessary, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of  KE - 7WB , such as, but not limited to, road maintenance, adverse weather conditions, closure of lodges, guest houses, etc. itineraries shown on our website or elsewhere also sometimes have to be modified (in advance of your tour) according to availability of accommodation and other factors, and if because of recent knowledge (such as better lodges opening or birds becoming easier to see elsewhere) we believe that by making (usually small) changes to the itinerary it will lead to an improved experience for you, then we certainly try to make these changes.    
  9. Tour participants undertake to comply with the instructions of  KE - 7WB  and its employees, sub-contractors or consultants during the tour.    
  10. Any loss or damage to the property of  KE - 7WB  caused either by the willful conduct or negligence on the part of any participant shall be refunded in full to  KE - 7WB.    

Some Things We Recommend You Bring:  (General list for all tours – specific destinations may need further recommendations)    

  • Binoculars (the guides cannot lend theirs) 
  • A spotting scope and tripod or window mount (optional) 
  • Field guides 
  • Any other birding equipment 
  • Photographic equipment (optional) 
  • Spare batteries for photographic and other gear 
  • Flashlight - torch - headlamp with spare batteries 
  • Toiletries  Personal medication (including anti-malaria drugs).
  • We recommend packing important medication (and a change of clothes) in your hand luggage in the unlikely event of lost luggage 
  • Some countries might require a valid
  • Yellow Fever Certificate and we advise visiting a travel clinic or your family doctor and visiting the Centre for Disease Control website, for health advice 
  • Rain gear 
  • Alarm clock 
  • Passport and if required, visas 
  • Copies of passport, medical insurance policies and other important documents, that can be left with the KE - 7WB office or at your home 
  • Money for alcoholic beverages, gifts, tips, items of a personal nature, etc.
  • Traveller’s checks are often difficult to use except in the USA but Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted including for drawing local currency at ATM’s  Hiking boots plus another pair of shoes and sandals 
  • Swimming gear 
  • Cap - hat and dark glasses 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Mosquito repellent 
  • Long-sleeved clothes as a precaution against biting insects  

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